We help people make informed decisions about their financial lives.


If you are busy, focused, authentic, and sensible, you’ll like working with us. Our clients represent many different personalities, backgrounds and professions. Most of them know what they want and are grounded and focused in their financial goals, but also are interested in planning and investment strategies designed to preserve their wealth and grow their assets intelligently.

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Business Owners

Many of our clients are successful business owners in the San Diego area and across the country. Often self-made individuals who have accumulated their assets through their own business ventures, they look to us to help put their hard-earned money to work for them. Our Entrepreneurial clients enjoy the exceptional level of service they experience working with our firm. They tend to compliment us often saying how much they appreciate the connectedness they share with our talented team.


We work with some of the busiest people in San Diego and across the country. We’ve found that many busy executives are accumulating significant wealth, yet haven’t taken the time to develop a structured and disciplined financial plan for their futures. As a result, they aren’t making use of one of their greatest assets: the compounding effect of time. Physicians, scientists, CIOs, CFOs, CPAs, educators, lawyers, and engineers enjoy the efficiency that our targeted business model offers. As on-the-go individuals, they often remark about the ease of access and transparency that our online financial management tools offer.

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For doctors with busy, patient-focused schedules and above average incomes, finances may not be a day-to-day concern and as a result, financial planning can fall by the wayside. However, once we take a doctor through our financial planning process, help them get organized and educate them on the various strategies they can benefit from, it is frequently an eye-opener. An effective retirement plan, for example, is a key component to a successful, long-term financial plan. Not all retirement plans are the same though. Working with a firm that understands the differences in retirement plan designs can help physician’s practices implement an effective plan that empowers their partners and employees to plan for their futures.


We understand the many worries and concerns facing retirees, and can help to answer and alleviate many of the looming questions and concerns. We will help you work towards continuing your independence even if a long-term illness or other challenges arise. We work diligently to match you with correct strategies to give confidence that you won’t outlive your savings. For retirees, it is our commitment to do what we can to help make your nest egg work smarter and longer.

Cross Hatch Building


Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with a variety of institutional clients, including pension plans, endowments, and 401k plans. We’ve been able to help institutions with both investing and planning, building custom portfolios designed to satisfy specific investment objectives and constraints, and helping to design and organize often complex profit-sharing frameworks.


We collaborate with CPAs to work towards maximizing planning, performance, and efficiency for clients. We are always eager to share new ideas, and strive to be proactive when it comes to taking care of clients. We send our partner CPAs Realized Gain/Loss reports to ensure they stay up to speed on client tax situations.

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When we work with other advisors, we view the relationship as a strategic partnership built on the shared goal of improving the quality of services that we offer our clients. While Ibis’ roots are primarily in asset management, we have diligently expanded our expertise over the years to include creative tax mitigation and estate planning strategies as we’ve partnered with like-minded advisors who choose to specialize in advanced planning.

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