We are a boutique investment firm, offering expertise, innovation, and service.

Ibis Capital combines decades of experience with a robust network of skilled collaborators to deliver a holistic approach to financial planning. We were early adopters of the fiduciary model that replaced commissions with fees and reduced conflicts of interest. With close client relationships and a disciplined investment approach, we strive to produce consistently strong performance.


Our investment philosophy is to strive for steady growth while staying cost conscious.

In any global environment, under any economic condition, our goal is to grow your assets. Our independence allows us to formulate well-balanced strategies because we can access a broad array of investment options and tools. We manage our portfolios in-house to gain control, stay agile, and minimize trading costs, taxes, and management fees.


We strive to build value by providing more than the average investment planning shop.

Our advanced planning solutions bring context to individual wealth accumulation strategies; they include tax planning, actuarial design, and insurance architecture. We actively seek innovative strategies that may go beyond traditional asset classes to include alternative investments, endeavoring to further optimize financial positioning.


Education is important to us, and a key to our success.

Providing knowledge in context regarding movements in the capital markets and new investment opportunities may help you meet your goals. We host regular client events with engaging speakers and conduct quarterly investment calls to keep you informed. Candid, interactive, open exchanges of information make the Ibis difference.


Character defines us, ethics are at our core, and service is our passion.

As fiduciaries for our clients, we are committed to acting in your best interests. Our mantra, “doing right by our clients,” guides everything we do and our deep bench of experienced talent helps to separate our firm from the competition. By keeping our practice focused and committed, we maintain a direct line of communication to all of our clients.


Our clients are established people who are well-rounded and balanced.

We work with diverse leaders from a range of industries, including entrepreneurs, investors, physicians, retirees, executives, lawyers, advisers and other professionals. Grounded and focused in financial goals, interested in preserving wealth, and engaged in responsible strategies that support growth, our clients tend to bounce ideas off each other and sometimes go on to create friendships with one another.


We consider the individual, even at an emotional level.

Even the smartest people are affected by psychological biases, that’s why we engage the practice of behavioral economics to help clients seek to grow their wealth across generations. Wealth management is about more than just your lifetime, it should last for future generations. Knowing yourself is a good first step; self-awareness leads to longer-lasting results.


We are independent and entrepreneurial, utilizing and offering leading-edge software.

Independent firms are not beholden to a single company’s systems. This means we can routinely search out analytical capabilities to offer innovative, client-facing, cloud-based tools for transparent performance management and holistic financial reporting. Perch™ and Nest™ are mobile platform compatible.

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